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St Francis Bay Fire January 2016 - March 2016

The big bush fire has come and gone. ST FRANCIS BAY is considering what preventative measures to be taken in the future.

1. Would it help if all the vacant plots in the suburbs are cleared by the owners?

2. Fire breaks be made in the REBELSRUS area, as it seems the bush fires are at their fiercest when the strong South West wind blows at its strongest?

3. The Eskom farm and smallholdings must be cleared of aliens now before the NUCLEAR PLANT at THYSPUNT is built?

4. Eskom could also consider making more dirt roads, therefore enabling fire-fighters to access the fires a lot easier and faster in future?

Maybe this is a good time to thank everybody who helped fight the fire and especially the locals who looked after the fire-fighters with food and drinks.

A lot was learnt and I am sure that any disaster like this will be managed well in the future.