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St Francis Bay

St Francis Bay

The village of St Francis Bay is aseaside resort which is a collection of white walled thatch roofed homes and man made canals.

The town is also host to the annual fun filled festivals including the Tuna Classic, Calamari Golf and Bowls Festivals during September and numerous sporting events over December.\

Between and the are walking trails in acres of fynbos in the Irma Booysen Nature Reserve. Other activities are the local golf couses,the navigable which is popular for fishing, boating and sailing. The beaches with their white sands and waves are ideal playgrounds for the visitors and locals alike, as well as the surfers from far and wide seeking the perfect waves.

The commercial harbour of , built in 1995, has always held a unique charm because of its size and constant activity. Adjoining this area is the suburb of with its salmon pink coloured walls and terracotta roofs, most of these homes have outstanding views of the .

Also no visit is complete without dining out at one of the fine restaurants to sample the local calamari dishes that are the lifeblood of the local Chokka industry.

The St Francis Port also provides moorings for the pleasure craft and large ocean going yachts. The Village also has great shopping experiences with plenty of quaint shops and craft markets most Saterday mornings.