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St Francis Links Building Boom - 06 May 2016

Building on the ST FRANCIS LINKS is booming with new projects starting every month. This is a result of potential purchasers not finding suitable houses to purchase or owners of plots deciding to make use of their plots. With ST FRANCIS BAY being fortunate in having excellent architects and builders the houses being built are of outstanding quality and design. The ST FRANCIS LINKS has a set of architectural guidelines which guide prospective owners on what is expected from plot owners before venturing into building their own home.

The Golf course has upped its ranking with the Golf Digest magazine, now ranking the course at no. 7. This and the security are big draw cards for owning a house on the ST FRAANCIS LINKS. Plots vary from as little as R100 000 to 3 million with views of the sea and overlooking the fairways or greens.

A lot of the cheaper plots are close to the driving range and with no view. These plots are not to be excluded as they are out of the prevailing wind and are level which is perfect for first time buyers and the elderly.