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THYSPUNT IS COMING..........????? - September 2016

From the sound of it the Energy Department and Eskom are hell bent on building a Nuclear Reactor at THYSPUNT near ST FRANCIS BAY.The date for the announcement it seems has been put down for the 30th September 2016.

So to all investors and speculators now is probably the right time to look around ST FRANCIS BAY for some oppurtunities Here are two that might wet your appetite,the first property is ideal as a guest house and situated in the Village. Security is at a premium and has 7 bedrooms and was previously run as a guest house.

The other property is a secure home on the ST FRANCIS LINKS with it's great services and championship golf course,club house,leisure centre and driving range.



So visit our town and decide if this is where you would like to find the correct property for you.You can contact Heather 24/7 to discuss your property on 0824403004 or email: